The PCJC is contemporary community of Christ-following adults, teens and children aided by the Holy Spirit to experience,demonstrate and share the truths, principles and promises that Jesus Christ taught and modeled.

We place value on celebrating diversity

When you visit a PCJC Church you will find people from every generation, race, socio-economic status and Christian tradition. You will also find many who have never had a prior church experience of any kind. We are determined to say “Welcome!” to any and all who Jesus welcomes and receives. Our music is one example of our diversity. Although the PCJC is committed to a wide range of contemporary and progressive musical expressions, we also recognize the great value of tapping into our rich two thousand years of worship tradition. More important to us than the style of our music is the spirit of our worship …. from the heart, in spirit and in truth. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor or in-between, married or single or divorced or widowed, Republican or Democrat or something else politically, from any racial or ethnic group – Jesus welcomes you and so do we!

We desire to build authentic relationships                                                              

In an often impersonal contemporary culture, we seek to be family to one another, loving each other as Christ loved us.
We are not an exclusive or reclusive group of people. Anyone is welcome at a PCJC Church. We willingly lay aside secondary matters and stubborn insistence in doctrinal disputes which often polarize Christian communities. Instead, we choose to concentrate on the basic core beliefs which all true Christians share in common.

We strive to be relevant without becoming relative

We believe that the principles for life that Jesus taught, though considered ancient by most standards, have stood the test of time. His teachings are completely relevant to the challenges of living in the 21st century. They are the essential key to building healthy families, friendships, careers and perspective.
Our commitment to live out these principles, though difficult at times, is aided daily by his Spirit, who not only empowers us to navigate through the ups and downs of life, but has proven to be the source of the unparalleled satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy which characterizes our community. 

We are missional in our activity

“How we do life” is an essential component to the mission of the PCJC. The PCJC is a Network created to export its community to homes, neighborhoods, work places, schools, athletic fields, musical venues and communities through out the world. 

  • to demonstrate the character of Jesus Christ;
  • to share the principles and promises of Jesus Christ; and,to serve human need just as Jesus Christ did.
  • In essence we are His representatives to a world that needs the hope, love and purpose that He alone offers.


If you have any questions about The PCJC, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We would be very happy to make your acquaintance and answer any questions you might have!