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Church Description:
Peninsula Hope Church started as a small home Bible class by a few Japanese living in Redwood City, California in 1950.  Out of the Bible study, an English speaking home church was born and had its first pastor in 1966.  A small Japanese speaking congregation emerged and slowly developed over a 40 year period of time.   They received their first pastor in 1990.  Since 1990, the Japanese speaking congregation, (referred to as the Nichigo) has steadily grown, and is now one of the largest Japanese speaking congregations in the USA.  It is a multi-generational church with a strong foundation of young families.  They are led by a desire to live out their Biblical values while maintaining a strong cultural relevance in Japanese.  God has directed the current Nichigo pastor to another church, but over the last 15 years he has built a strong ministry comprised of multiple teams which serve all of the areas of ministry.   A special emphasis had been placed in the development of the music ministry where there are multiple praise and worship teams already in place.  This includes both youth and adult worship teams who can minister each week in service.  

Both the Peninsula Hope Church English and Nichigo congregations partner together to share the love of Jesus in the community, but each have their own designated board and budgets.  The Nichigo congregation averages close to 100 people in attendance for Sunday services, and share a facility with the English congregation. The English congregation is comprised of primarily Japanese Americans who are highly educated, successful, and experienced in leading companies and corporations of all sizes.  They are also very supportive and offer their leadership, expertise and experience to both congregations.  The Nichigo are equally as educated, successful and highly collaborative.  Even though the Peninsula Hope Church English and Nichigo ministries target different audiences, they are dedicated to encouraging the success of each other’s ministry. 

Peninsula Hope Church is in the middle of San Francisco Bay Area called “Silicon Valley”, the most active high-tech industrial region of the world. Large numbers of Japanese people come to this area for business, as well as for research/study in institutes such as Stanford University. Most of the Japanese speaking business people and researches only stay in the area for a few short years. Because of their short-term stay, the Peninsula Hope Church Nichigo congregation has had an ongoing ministry to these short-term Japanese residents for more than 50 years. As a result, there are over 120 families living in Japan which are part of the Peninsula Hope Church alumni family.  It has been a blessing to be able to send back these short-term Japanese residents with God’s Word to Japan. Building of the Peninsula Hope Church alumni network is one of our important missions of Japan, where the Christian population has never grown over 1% in its history.  

Lead Pastor Description:
The Nichigo congregation of Peninsula Hope Church is searching for a Japanese-speaking Senior Pastor to be their gifted preacher, teacher and leader.  He or she will have the proven ability to lead, develop, empower and multiply teams of ministry.  The successful candidate must be a gifted preacher with a combination of theological insight and ability to apply its truths to everyday life.  The candidate must be able to relate across generational, ethnic, and socioeconomic lines.  The Senior Pastor will oversee the vision, mission, and direction of Peninsula Hope Church’s Nichigo congregation. This person will be the primary teacher and will be responsible for maintaining the Biblical integrity and Free Methodist distinctives of the messages and direction for the church as a whole.  The pastor must be a person who lives out and communicates compassion, grace, and truth.  The candidate will have a respect for the amazing history and culture of the church with an eye toward creating a strong and growing future. This is an exciting next step for our church and the new pastor to be part of. The right candidate will be enthusiastic about what God can and will do here in this highly influential area of the world.

Three years experience as the lead pastor is preferred, but not required depending on the qualifications to build ministry teams, and organize the church around a clear set of values and vision.  The church is located in the Bay Area of San Francisco, and the pastor of this church should realize the high cost of living.  The salary is limited to the healthy, but modest income generated by the Nichigo congregation. 

Contact information:
Free Methodist Pacific Coast Japanese Conference
Rev. Keith Tanita, e-mail:, Phone: (310) 945-7115
For contact in Japanese - Nobuo Ogawa, e-mail:, Phone: (408) 218-7050