Planting Churches from San Diego to Seattle

The PCJC has officially rebranded the PCJC Church Planting efforts by launching The RIZE Church Planting Network. RIZE will effectively be the church-planting network of the PCJC. RIZE will exist to recruit, equip, nurture and place a network of Asian church planters in growing/thriving Asian communities in strategic cities throughout the Pacific Rim and beyond!

Characteristics of a RIZE Network Church.

  • Clearly and Contextually communicates the Gospel
  • Produces reproducing Disciples
  • Millennial targeted
  • Cause/Mission driven
  • Prayerful
  • Creative
  • Compassionate
  • Sticky
  • Passionate about reaching non-believing irreligious friends, neighbors and co-workers for Christ.
  • Committed to reach, equip and spiritually mold young families.

RIZE Church Plant Target Locations

  • Irvine Ca.
  • Mission Viejo Ca.
  • San Diego Ca.
  • Sacramento Ca.
  • Portland OR
  • Seattle WA.

RIZE Church planting process

Key Church Planting Systems

Our church planters and church planting core teams are primarily recruited from the following:

  • FMC Colleges Universities
  • FMC Conferences
  • CP Conferences
  • Existing ASIAN focused networks

All potential FMC church planters undergo an assessment. This assessment identifies and evaluates the following aspects of the potential planter's life and ministry:

  • Spiritual strengths
  • Spiritual gifts
  • Spiritual needs
  • Spiritual health
  • Organizational developmental strengths/weaknesses
  • Relational compatibility and health
  • Psychological/behavioral health
  • Doctrinal alignment
  • Team leadership


The goal of coaching is to get you from where you are, to where you envision God wants you to be. This is a vital aspect for any church planter on the journey of launching a new work, and a great way to move a district forward as a whole into a new dimension of putting feet to the vision of its ministers and leaders. 


We comprehensively resource our Church Planters with the necessary tools to launch healthy, sustainable, and
multiplying Churches. These are some of the things we help with.

  • Building a sustainable financial plan
  • Cultivating small groups with an organic approach
  • Setting your members on course to discover, develop and practice their God-given purpose
  • Resolving conflict in a healthy manner
  • Preaching/Teaching for life change
  • Managing volunteer and staff teams
  • Developing personal evangelism skills
  • Retaining your spiritual vitality
  • Keeping your Team motivated
  • Creating set-up and tear-teardown systems
  • Creating a vision
  • Identifying how to strategically incarnate your vision
  • Recruiting your launch team
  • Training your launch team
  • Develop a Launch Strategy
  • Choosing a site
  • Identifying and securing financial resources
  • Creating an atmosphere that attracts and retains visitors
  • Developing an effective marketing plan
  • Strengthening your marriage and your personal leadership
  • Creating membership structures