Peninsula Hope Church, Redwood City, CA:
Worship & Next Gen Ministry Internship


Position Description:

The internship position at Peninsula Hope Church is a position that includes two main responsibilities, overseeing Worship and Next Generation Ministry. Worship ministry will be the primary role and Next Gen Ministry efforts are secondary. This is a 32 hour/week position. The person who applies for the internship must be a sincere Christ-follower, have a desire to learn about ministry while actively involved in ministry, and support the vision of Peninsula Hope Church. The intern should possess an adequate musical competence for leading worship and an ability to build relationships with young people. The right intern will have a heart for seeing the local church thrive, especially in the areas of music and next gen ministry.

*Acceptance to the internship program includes a 3-month probation period and the applicants' commitment to participate for the entire duration of the one-year internship. 


Worship Leader: 20 hrs/wk

In collaboration with the lead pastor, develop a vision and provide direction for the Sunday morning experience.

Essential Duties:

  • Guide/Produce Sunday morning experience. (This includes selecting music, designing environment, coordinating with message theme, organizing volunteers, setup and cleanup, etc.)
  • Oversee weeknight worship practice.
  • Recruit and develop worship team members.
  • Develop positive relationships with worship team members.
  • Implement ProPresenter.
  • Assist lead pastor with once-a-month young adult worship gatherings.


  • Bring a welcoming, cohesive and vibrant flow to the Sunday morning experience.
  • Organize, develop and encourage the worship team.


Next Generation Ministry: 12 hrs/wk

Identify and connect with young people for the purpose of encouraging their spiritual development and connect them and their family to the ministry of Peninsula Hope Church.

Essential Duties:

  • Develop and implement a weekly next generation gathering.
  • Provide opportunities for young people to build relationships with other members of the church family.
  • Invest in the spiritual development of young people.
  • Provide a clear pathway from youth group to church and community involvement.


  • Increase the next generation population at Peninsula Hope Church.
  • Develop positive relationships with new and existing next generation members.
  • Provide desirable community for young people.


The intern will work 32 hours a week, for the duration of one year.

4 hrs  – Sunday mornings (8am-12pm)
4 hrs  – Weeknight worship practice (5-9pm)
4 hrs  – Next Generation Gathering (5-9pm)
16 hrs – Office Time* (9am-5pm) 2 days/week
4 hrs   – Relationship building (various)

*Office hours to include weekly meeting with lead pastor.

Required Competencies:

  • A progressive and personal relationship with God.
  • A musical competence and awareness.
  • An ability to organize, energize and lead volunteers.
  • The intern should possess formal education in a related field or have experience in ministry to draw from.  

Desired Competencies:


  • A heart for introducing non-believers to Christ and propelling the spiritual development of Christ-followers.
  • A willingness to collaborate, receive direction, and align with the vision of Peninsula Hope Church.
  • A humility to learn as you navigate the details of vocational ministry.  


  • A gift for building relationships and organizing teams.
  • An ability to foster existing connections and establish new ones.
  • An ability to use the appropriate technology to organize, communicate and plan.
  • A familiarity with ProPresenter.


  • The intern will report to the lead pastor; meeting with the lead pastor once a week to collaborate, coordinate and for leadership development.
  • The ministry efforts of the intern should clearly align with the vision of Peninsula Hope Church.
  • The intern will share a ministry report with the church board twice during the year as part of a regular board meeting; the intern may also request attending additional board meeting to discuss the ministry effort, including areas of possible concern.  
  • The intern will share a ministry report with the congregation twice during the year, ideally during the Annual Society Meeting and a Town Hall gathering.


  • The intern will earn $12/hour
  • The internship position does not include any supplemental financial or health benefits.


A successful internship will result in the personal, spiritual and ministerial development of the intern. Completion of the internship will provide valuable in-ministry experience. The intern will receive encouragement and mentoring during the process of learning to develop ministry. An intern who demonstrates strong work ethic, ministry passion and a talent for leadership will receive high recommendation for ministry employment.